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To say that I live for the weekends is an understatement.  They are what gets me through the long weekdays, many without any adult conversation.  I need stimulation. I need adult interaction.  I need to spend time with my husband.  He’s my best friend.  And was long before we ever had any romantic relationship.

So when he decides to play golf on Saturdays, it really upsets me.  I don’t want to be mad. I really don’t. It doesn’t feel good to get mad about it for the twentieth time.

I have a visceral reaction to his golf announcements.  My adrenaline gets going.  I can’t look at him. I do the silent treatment thing for a while.  It’s really quite embarrassing to admit this all.

A while back, I tearfully tried to explain to him why the golf thing upset me so much.    I have a thousand reasons but they all seem to have one common thread.

I’m jealous.  I want to go away for an entire day.  I want to spend money on ridiculous things. I want to be the one that he spend his time with.

I really hate this feeling.

Lord, help not to get mad about this again. Amen.


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